Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Project update 1: Ken Block's Ford Fiesta RX43

It just so happens it's one month on since my last post on this project, and I've made some good progress in that time. Most of the high poly modelling is now complete with only a few small objects still to add.

A shot of the interior

A shot of the rear showing the work I've done on the radiator and fans in the boot which will be visible through the mesh of the boot lid.

While working on all of the high poly modelling, I was feeling the need for a break at one point, so I decided to texture the wheels and rims. The model for both is optimised where the rim has been smoothed and optimised by removing some of the geometry added.

For the tyre, most of the detail in in the normal map. To make the normal map for the tread, I modelled a section based on a photo, made copies to surround the edges and baked this section to a flat plane. Then in photoshop this section was duplicated to cover each section going around the wheel to save texture space i.e. only 1/8th of the wheel is actually textured and the UVs for the other 7/8th of the wheel is overlapped. For the side wall, I used a black and white image of the side wall detail and converted to a normal map using NDO from the Quixel Suite. Looking forward to getting to try out the new Suite 2.0!

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