Friday, 17 May 2013

Underwater Station Update 2 [CG/Game Dev]

Another progress update. I have started textures for the corridor area, and so far have completed diffuse and normal (via high poly models) maps for the main parts of the corridor. I will next crate spec maps and finish up the doors at the end of the corridors. Hopefully the influences from the new AD are starting to come through.

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Underwater Station Update 1 [CG/Game Dev]

Just a quick update now that I have now completed block out for all objects in the level.

A quick word on art direction for the level too. After chatting with my tutor I have decided that textures for the environment will look different to the concept as the concepts have a very generic Sci-Fi feel and this style is very common. To make the final piece hopefully stand out we thought that a much cleaner style would work well. Some inspiration for the look and feel is coming from games like Mass Effect and Deus Ex: Human Revolution and the film Oblivion.

Here is a small sample of some new references that I have collected. This style is much cleaner which lots of use of white and grey with an accent colour to highlight areas.