Monday, 12 December 2011

Shit that L.A. Noire does

Just a few screen shots that I caught while playing through L.A. Noire that were quite funny.

That's some toe strength to balance like that!

Power slid into a post box and managed to beach the car on it.

Crashed into a billboard and it seemed to glue it's self inside the car.

This one was pretty amazing. While looking for all cars in the game (for the auto fanatic achievement) I got out of the brown car on the left to enter the one in the center of the screen and the blue car decided just just drive (literally) into it.

Hot Rod! This car was waiting at the lights in a bit of an odd position.


And finally... Poor Roy. His animation froze while getting into the car and he would't move until I drove at him at speed enough to shock him back into life.