Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Music Mini Reviews (December 2014)

Dead by April - Let The World KnowCheck it out

Stand out track: Peace Of Mind

There's quite a few tracks at the start of the album that have sections with a dubstep influence, and combined with the main metal feel of the album, dubstep metal doesn't work for me. During my first listen to the album I skipped most tracks because of the repetitive electronic elements and I'd probably enjoy the album much more without them. I'm sure there's an audience for this, but it's not me apparently.

Feed The Rhino - The Sorrow And The SoundCheck it out

Stand out tracks: New Wave, Behind the Pride, Revelation Not Revolution

The opening few songs of this album are brilliant and I had high hopes first listening to it, but then that pace falls away. Not every album has to be up-beat throughout, but I feel like 'The Sorrow And The Sound' trials off about half way through. However, this album is very much a grower, and after listing through quite a few times I've decided I want to check out the band's other work.

Mastodon - Once More 'Round The SunCheck it out

Stand out tracks: The Motherload, Once More 'Round The Sun, Aunt Lisa

With 2011's 'The Hunter' I feel that Mastodon made progression away from the stoner rock roots of 'Blood Mountain'. Not to take anything away from amazing older songs like 'Sleeping Giant'. That's why I say 'progression' from the older material as I think the new Mastodon material is much more rounded and well produced, and this album is another step in that direction.

Royal Blood - Royal BloodCheck it out

Stand out tracks: Careless, Ten Tonne Skeleton

This has to be one of the strongest debut albums ever. To sum up for me, quite a few songs feel like The White Stripes but without the annoying bits, so is it coincidence that both bands are a duo or is what you get with only two instruments? There's also some Billy Talent upbeat feeling rhythm sections in there. This is normally not quite what I would listen to, but it gripped me after about two listen throughs and makes a refreshing change. And they are opening for Foo Fighters in 2015.

The Used - Imaginary EnemyCheck it out

Stand out track: Revolution, Cry, A Song to Stifle Imperial Progression

Has that unique sound of an album from The Used but lacks the energy of their earlier albums. Imaginary Enemy starts out with a few good, energetic songs, but then trials away with the title song offering a slight peak again towards the end of the album. 'Revolution' stands up there with the likes off older songs like 'I'm A Fake' , and 'Cry' and 'A Song to Stifle Imperial Progression' is melodic with that slight bit of madness I like from The Used.

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