Saturday, 27 September 2014

My 3D Printer Setup (September 2014)

So, it's about a month since I got my 3D printer kit and assembled it and I've had some time to play around and do a little printing. I've completed 2 major projects so far (Spool holder and Lego jumbo fig) and I've learnt a lot, and there's still so much more to try, but I'm at a point where I wanted to put together a list of my materials and supplies.

£480.76 (inc. delivery) @ Robosavvy

Print bed tape
3M Scotch Blue Tape
£5.99 @ BnQ

Isopropyl Alcohol
SHL BRAND Isopropyl Alcohol 99.9% Pure (1 Litre)
£7.99 (inc. free delivery) @ Amazon 

1Kg spool of Natural 1.75mm PLA
£19.95 (inc. free delivery with Prime) @ Amazon

1Kg spool of Blue 1.75mm PLA
£16.99 (inc. free delivery with Prime) @ Amazon

Humbrol Acrylic 34 White Matt Modellers Spray 150ml

Plasti-Kote Fast Dry Gloss Enamel Spray Paint 100ml
£2 each (discounted from £3.49) @ BnQ (also sold at The Range for £2.99 and Wilkinson for £3.45)
Buttercup Yellow
Garden Green
Night Blue
Insignia Red

Diall Mixed Grit Assorted Sandpaper Sheet
£2.98 Pack of 4 @ BnQ

B&Q Brown Sanding Sponge
£2.48 @ BnQ

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