Wednesday, 19 February 2014

My Toolset for 3D Artwork


Maya 2015 with Nightshade UV Editor -
Vasty extendes the UV editing options avilable over the base UV editor of Maya.


Quixel Suite 2.0 -
An awesome alternative workflow for texturing models and outputs for all frequently used software packages and game engines. includes nDO which is great for creating normal maps in photoshop from textures, or from scratch for detailing a model.

Substance Player -
I use this in combination with the plugin from ( to convert between texturing workflows and outputting to PBR.

AMP Tile Viewer -
useful tool for veiwing tiled textures

xNormal -
for baking normal and ambient occlusion

CrazyBump -
good for displacement maps and as an alternative for creating normal maps from

Other useful tools

SageThumbs -
good for viewing thumbnails not supported by default in Windows (such as .tga and .dds)

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