Friday, 30 August 2013

Working with CryEngine 3 and Maya (tips and tricks)

This is an ever evolving list of stuff that I have learnt while working with CryEngine and Maya. There is still some things that I would like to add, and if there is anything you know of which I could add to the list, please let me know.

Getting started

CryTiff Photoshop 64bit plug-in installation

copy these two files from the CryEngine Tools folder:

CryTIFPluginCS4_11_64.8bi and CryTIFPluginCS4_11_64.bsc

to Photoshop plug-in folder, and ensure that the path to rc.exe is correct in plug-in by going to Help > About Plug-in > CryTiffPlugin...

CryEngine Keyboard Shortcuts

Q - terrain clipping on/off
Ctrl + F1 - set camera 1 location (also woks for F2 to F5)
Shift + F1 - go to camera 1 location (also woks for F2 to F5)

Assets creation

Asset creation guidelines

Basic collision detection

Custom collison with physics proxys

Exporting Models from Maya



Basic material properties

Creating an animated door

Creating an interior scene

Vis areas and portals

Interior lighting

Creating outdoor scene

road entities

Light beams (god rays)

Useful console commands (CryEngine)
g_godmode=1 - enable god mode
r_displayinfo=0 - remove debug info
g_showhud=0 - remove in game HUD

Examples of work